How are you really doing?

Understanding how your people are really doing is a crucial step to improving their life.

How it Works

Measure the 6 Factors driving disengagement, transition, and burnout

Stress Response

Measures the ratio of my productive (healthy) vs. unproductive stress

Energy Efficiency

Measures if my emotional, mental, physical, and relational energy is being used efficiently

Life Alignment

Measures how closely aligned my roles at home and in my community are with my identity and purpose

Work Alignment

Measures how closely aligned my role at work is with my identity and purpose

Personal Fulfillment

Measures how much meaning, contentment, and joy I am experiencing in my life and work

Lasting Impact

Measures to what extent I believe I am improving the status quo and making a lasting difference in others’ lives

Measure the Causes,
not the Symptoms

Understand why people are struggling with lack of meaning, dissatisfaction, low energy, and poor stress management.

One Simple Tool

24 Incredible Insights







The tools and analyses identified genuine strengths as well as potential concerns at the management level, department level, and individual level of our organization. Everyone’s increased awareness and insights of self and team, personal and professional, home and work focus were eye opening. The results enabled proactive planning and discussions to occur at various levels to address concerns before they became issues as well as enhance our effectiveness working as a team.

John Starmack, CEO, TM Floyd & Company

The diagnostic insights PP provides have forever changed the way we develop leaders. Gone are the days of guessing if people are in good condition and the right position to achieve peak performance. If you are a leader or independent coach, I highly recommend you lean into the prescriptive power of Purpose Pulse to customize your talent development process and prove the ROI on your approach.

Joe Colavito, Co-Founder, Trexagai

In January after the holidays I felt myself sliding into a cloudy hole. I re-took the Purpose Pulse and quickly identified the hotspots of where I was lacking energy and fulfillment. Continuing down this slippery slope was not an option. Seeing the hotspot results allowed me to make an immediate change.
I got back to the gym and recommitted to the daily habits I had let slip during the holidays. The recovery happened fast and I was able to reframe my mindset and my outlook.

Katherine Sloan, Health Coach