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The Tools We Use

Purpose Pulse

Purpose Pulse is an assessment that measures the 6 Factors driving engagement, retention, and burnout. These 6 Factors give 24 Insights into what matters most from stress response to energy efficiency to life alignment to work alignment including personal fulfillment and lasting impact.This tool gives a unique insight into how you are doing to allow you to see what might be broken so it can be fixed.

Friction Emotional Quotient

The FEQ Profile gives a unique perspective into your natural tendencies during decision making. This quick profile gives you insights into how you deal with relationships in time of comfort vs. times of stress. Often times people are unaware of where they go in stress and this tool gives you insights to help you manage your response in stressful situations.  

The Journey

Transform your team’s pursuit of purpose and fulfillment to align, impact and prosper together. The Go Beyond Journey provides the tools to help people make better decisions to improve their wealth, health and relationships. This team experience equips your people to align with your company’s mission and prosper on purpose together.

What Our Partners Say

This helped me clarify what I have always felt I delivered best to my clients. I met with a new prospect. I shared my Purpose and my Promise, and they are ready to move forward.

Curtis K
Advisor from Honolulu, HI

This is not fluff. This goes way beyond the typical risk tolerance allocation questionnaire or even financial goal setting. This is helping me understand my client at the deepest possible level.

Michael R.
Advisor from Atlanta, GA

The diagnostic insights Purpose Pulse provides have forever changed the way we develop leaders. Gone are the days of guessing if people are in good condition and the right position to achieve peak performance.

Joe C.
Executive Coach from Raleigh, NC
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