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The Purpose Journey

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Purpose-driven employees are 125% more productive.

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Purpose-driven leaders have employees that are 100% more likely to stay.

Better Decisions about Wealth, Health, and Relationships

Purpose is correlated with higher net worth and stronger social ties.

Transformation from Corporate to Community

96% of American employees believe fulfillment at work is possible

The Purpose Journey

Our Proven SAIGE Process

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How am I doing today?

Step one on the path to creating a more fulfilling and impactful life is understanding you and your people's current condition.

Purpose Pulse measures the 6 factors driving disengagement, turnover, and burnout.



Where do I sit in relationships?

Understanding who you are, and what you bring to relationships is critical to make an impact in the lives of the people around you.

Friction EQ reveals behavior differences between a healthy state and a crisis state.


Why am I here?

The core of our process helps you define a life purpose statement and promise, which will help you articulate your identity and your unique design.

Purpose is a person's unique design to improve the status quo for others.



Who do I want to be?

You have goals; you have dreams; you have a purpose. During Grow, you'll clarify what those goals and dreams are and understand how they'll provide you fulfillment.

Grow GDP facilitates intentional planning to achieve Goals, Dreams, and Purpose.


How do we Prosper on Purpose Together?

After understanding yourself at the deepest possible level, we help you design a path to become the person you want to be, living a fulfilled and impactful life.

PACTs create purposeful steps to become a fulfilled person.

How It Helps

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Being able to articulate my purpose and promise has allowed me to bring my full self to every part of my life! I know who I am and how I show up in every relationship.

Jennifer M.


The tools and analyses identified genuine strengths as well as potential concerns at the management level, department level, and individual level of our organization. Everyone’s increased awareness and insights of self and team, personal and professional, home and work focus were eye opening. The results enabled proactive planning and discussions to occur at various levels to address concerns before they became issues as well as enhance our effectiveness working as a team.

John S.
TM Floyd


The diagnostic insights Purpose Pulse provides have forever changed the way we develop leaders. Gone are the days of guessing if people are in good condition and the right position to achieve peak performance.

Joe C.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Purpose?

In the words of Dr. Angela Duckworth, best-selling author of Grit, purpose is the intention to contribute to the well-being of others. At Go Beyond, we define Purpose as an individual’s unique opportunity to improve the status quo for others.

What is a promise?

An individual’s unique expression of how they will continually serve others.

What is Friction EQ?

The Friction EQ is a tool we developed at Go Beyond to help people understand their natural tendencies during decision-making.

How are work and fulfillment related?

Millions of people spend almost a third of their time every day at work. With that concentration of time spent on one mission, it is often people's most rewarding outlet for their purpose. When pursued at work, purpose can provide incredible meaning and fulfillment.

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