Just over a year ago, I became an “accidental” entrepreneur because, like many of us, I was exhausted. My job was eating up my time, providing me with little to no fulfillment, and, perhaps worst of all, paying me next to nothing for my efforts. Admittedly, I was a teacher, so…

In June of 2020, I decided it was time to take charge. It was time to take responsibility for the life I wanted, the financial success I dreamed of, and the freedom I so desperately craved, but would never achieve if I kept doing what I was doing.

One month after coming to this realization, I’d filed my LLC, built a website, and was taking on clients. What a success story, right?

What I didn’t know was that the first six months (or longer) of entrepreneurship can be incredibly tough, especially if you don’t know exactly who you are as a business owner, what you want your future to look like, and how to make the decisions that will result in your most fulfilling life.

Some people may be born with that knowledge, but I am not one of them.

Below, I share my story about how I discovered my Purpose in life using Go Beyond, a software program specifically designed to help purpose-centered entrepreneurs like me – and the teams working for us – relish our work lives and our personal lives so we can achieve our fullest potential every single day.

My Entrepreneurship “Rollercoaster”

Early in my business, I quickly discovered a little phenomenon I like to call The Entrepreneurship Rollercoaster. The Entrepreneurship Rollercoaster is a wild ride of intense emotions that can change direction literally at any time.

Some days, I would wake up incredibly motivated. I would race to my home office one door over from my bedroom, excited to work on my business and produce creative content for my clients. 

The fact that I was working for myself and the control I had gained over my life provided an emotional high I can hardly put into words.

Other mornings, I could barely get out of bed. I had zero confidence in myself and zero drive to keep going. Even if things seemed to be going well in the business, these dips into despair could happen at any time whatsoever.

The Entrepreneurship Rollercoaster is so intense because there is so dang much riding on the success of your business. Things like:

  • Your ability to pay your bills and put food on the table
  • Your sense of self-worth and value
  • Your identity as an entrepreneur
  • Your pride (that pesky devil)
  • Your family’s security 
  • Your future prospects
  • And so many other things

The slightest setback can trigger a plunge in the Rollercoaster, and the climb back up to intrinsic motivation can take weeks or even months. Anyone who experiences The Entrepreneurship Rollercoaster knows it’s not easy to “just snap out of it.”

Searching for My Purpose in Life (i.e., All the Personal Development Books)

I knew that if I wanted to exit the Rollercoaster (and believe me, I did) without giving up on my business, I needed to get control of my mindset and my emotions. Fortunately, we live in a time where personal and business development resources are abundant. 

I read every personal development book I could get my hands on, clocking at least one book a month, but usually more than one. I read incredibly motivating books like The Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen, Atomic Habits by James Clear, The 5-Second Rule by Mel Robbins, and Think and Grow Rich for Women by Sharon Lechter and the Napoleon Hill Foundation. 

All these books were great and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to improve their habits and their life. 

But none of these books were helping me uncover my purpose.

They weren’t helping me see the bigger picture of why I was doing what I was doing. 

And they weren’t helping me filter my decisions from a productive standpoint (i.e., why was I saying yes to certain things? Why was I saying no to others? What should I be saying yes to and what should I be saying no to?). 

These books, excellent as they were, weren’t helping me uncover my life Purpose.

Then I discovered Go Beyond.

The Go Beyond Difference

Go Beyond was the first tool I encountered that actually helped me discover my true Purpose. 

After spending a month going through the readings and journal prompts in Think and Grow Rich for Women, I was actually feeling more confused about my Purpose. 

My responses to the Think and Grow Rich journal prompts were jumbled across pages and pages of my notebook. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t figure out a way to succinctly understand and state my Purpose (or as Napoleon Hill likes to call it, my DEFINITE PURPOSE).

When I discovered Go Beyond, I didn’t actually begin with the intention to discover my Purpose. I didn’t know what to expect from this software. And I certainly didn’t anticipate that anything life-changing might come out of the experience.

But here’s the thing: Go Beyond helped me clarify my true Purpose in life in under one hour. 

No jumbled journal entries. No hundreds of pages of personal development books. No shame for not being able to figure out my Purpose on my own. 

As I started the Go Beyond Journey, beginning with My Purpose Score and DNA, then aligning my life’s Trials and Triumphs, and finally to writing my Purpose and Promise Statements, I was increasingly struck by just how much every component resonated with my core values and current understanding of myself. 

What Go Beyond Revealed About Me

The Purpose DNA exercise revealed that my Purpose is rooted in the values of Equality, Freedom, and Care. Even though I hadn’t stated my Purpose yet, the DNA exercise affirmed that it’s incredibly important to me to understand people (even if I disagree with them) and to ensure that all humans are treated equally. 

I also discovered just how much I value my ability to form my own opinions and set goals that are right for me, not someone else. Similarly, my Purpose DNA revealed how much I value caring for others: how I can help those who are close to me and be responsive to my loved one’s needs.

Through the alignment of my Trials and Triumphs, I realized that my core values lie in:

  • Personal responsibility
  • Self-assuredness and persistence
  • The importance of taking action every day
  • The ever-ongoing processes of growth, learning, and improvement

I could see that it was the intersection of all these values that led me to start my own business, even if I couldn’t have named those values specifically before Go Beyond.

The culmination of my Go Beyond experience was in my Purpose and Promise Statements: 

My Purpose is to empower others to cultivate self-reliance so they can achieve their full potential. 

And My Promise is to always empower you to create the life you deserve.

How Go Beyond Has Impacted the Five Missions of My Life

Since completing the Go Beyond Journey, I’ve discovered how I can align – and was in fact already aligning – my Purpose with all five missions in my life: my family, my friends, my company, my community, and my cause.

In terms of my family, I realized that the increased income from my business provided the perfect opportunity to allow my husband to resign from his corporate job and start his own small business. Even though I didn’t have my written Purpose statement at the time, I can see now that I am already living out my Purpose in my marriage.

For my friends, I know I can bravely share my experiences as an entrepreneur to empower like-minded friends to realize that they too can take control of their lives. In fact, one of my best friends quit her job in May as a Starbucks barista and is now running a successful business of her own as a result of me sharing my experiences with her. 

Again, I was living out my Purpose already. Go Beyond has given me the insight I needed to live out my Purpose even more intentionally.

Knowing my Purpose has also made it easier to clarify decisions in my company. I’m now in a better position to confidently decide what type of clients I’m best suited to work with and what type of clients I may not be the best fit for. 

As I’ve taken back control of my time, I’ve realized the value and fulfillment that comes from becoming more active in my community. Knowing my Purpose has reinforced and affirmed for me why I volunteer at my community’s domestic violence shelter and resource center. Because of this, I’m pulling back from commitments not aligned with my Purpose so I can give more of my time to this community.

Supporting causes has only recently become a big part of my life. Since my income has increased, I’ve become more passionate about supporting causes monetarily that align with my Purpose. Over the past year, I’ve come to know how empowering entrepreneurship can be, especially for women. It’s important to me to support causes that educate women about entrepreneurship and empower them to start and run their businesses.

How Go Beyond Has Impacted Me

Knowing my purpose gave me enormous clarity and resolve on what I need to say no to so I can live my most fulfilling life. 

I even realized I was holding on to commitments that were no longer aligned with my Purpose, and I’ve since let go of those commitments.

Discovering my core values and my Purpose – and having them revealed to me so clearly and concisely – has fundamentally changed how I think about my daily choices and actions. 

With my Purpose succinctly stated, I now have a standard from which to judge my decisions. If something doesn’t align with my Purpose, I can feel assured about saying no to that commitment.

Now I confidently seek out the things I know will allow me to live out my Purpose and stay true to my Promise Statement.

Try Go Beyond to Discover Your Purpose in Life Today

To put it mildly, the Go Beyond software has transformed my life. 

Go Beyond helps professionals in all stages of their careers discover their true life Purpose. 

Whether you’re a small business entrepreneur, a company owner with hundreds of employees, or an industry leader, Go Beyond may be able to help you and your team discover your intrinsic motivations for working and living so that not only can you survive in your career, you can thrive in your life. 

To see if Go Beyond can help you discover your true life Purpose, learn more about this life-changing software today. Don’t wait for opportunities to knock on your door. Understand your Purpose so you can seek out the opportunities that most fulfill you.

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